What is MercuryLearn?

MercuryLearn is an online training platform to assist you in developing a comprehensive mercury release and emissions inventory using the standardized methodology and database provided by the UNEP Toolkit.

What are the costs?

The MercuryLearn training modules are free for the public. However, specialized forums and experts are not included.What is the target audience?

The target audience is people who works and is interested or related with mercury issues.

Do I need web programming knowledge in order to use the MercuryLearn platform?

No. MercuryLearn is streamlined so that anyone can use it, even if they have no web programming experience.

What do I need in order to use the MercuryLearn platform?

All you need is an internet connection and an internet browser. There's no software to install.

I can't login! Help!

You will need to enter the password that you have set up for your account.  
If you're still unable to log in, please contact the 
MercuryLearn team.

Follow these Level 1 modules to learn about: 

  •  The characteristics of mercury and mercury releases 
  • The main elements of mercury releases inventories
  • Main anthropogenic sources of mercury releases to the environment 
  • The use of calculation spreadsheets and emission factors to quantify mercury releases 
These modules are available for every person or institution that would like to have a general idea of mercury releases in a certain territory. These modules can be completed entirely or partially (for users that are interested to know about mercury releases from just some specific sources). The modules are accessed online or you can download transcripts of all modules in case you have an un-steady Internet connection.

The "Toolkit for identification and quantification of mercury releases", the "Toolkit", is intended to assist countries in developing national mercury releases inventories. The Toolkit guides the inventory developer through the different stages of identifying sources and quantifying the consumption and releases of mercury from these sources. It provides a methodology, and a database enabling the development of consistent inventories, it includes examples and extensive information on mercury release sources. The “Toolkit“ exists in two versions:

1. "Inventory Level 1" provides a simplified version of the Toolkit, as well as calculation spreadsheets and a reporting template, to make the development of an broad mercury inventory considerably easier.

2. "Inventory Level 2" is the comprehensive version, including a detailed description of all mercury sources, useful for anyone wishing to learn more about a specific mercury release source, including environmental authorities and researchers.